Beto Pascutti, an exquisite footballer of Ascent, died

Alberto “Beto” Pascutti, one of the emblematic footballers of promotion football, passed away on Saturday night as a consequence of cardiac decompensation. She was 64 years old and a extensive and celebrated career in promotion clubs. He had once said that he did not make a career in First Division A because he did not like training very much. “Promotion is not part of my life, it is my life”reinforced the exquisite 10 his way of feeling football.

El Beto shone in El Porvenir (where he made the center forward Cañón Landaburu score dozens of goals), he was champion with All Boys, promoted with Morón and He achieved something that few footballers achieve: being an idol in teams with a great rivalry. Al Beto wanted it in All Boys, Morón and Chicago (as a coach), eternal rivals of the Ascent.

In a season in which All Boys went downhill, Beto was hired as technical director when there were a few games left for the end of the championship. The albo de Floresta practically had his destiny set. Pascutti had a great campaign, but it was not enough and All Boys went to relegation in the last game. The fans carried him off the pitch.

Pascutti was an attacking midfielder elegant, skilful and with a remarkable punch, but also He put his leg strong when the game required it.

The Beto turned outyouor a “different” player in the promotion categories. Member of a cracks podium, together with Jose Luis “Garrafa” Sanchez (ex Banfield and Deportivo Laferrere), the mythical carlovich fork (Córdoba Power Plant) and Miguel Angel Colombatti (ex Deportivo Morón, later he went through Racing).

Curiously, despite the fact that he forged his rich football career in promotion, the midfielder began his career in First Division A: he made his debut in Chacarita Juniors in the 1977 season, when the San Martín entity managed to add to escape from the bottom of the table.

Then, with the relegation to Primera B, the midfielder continued in the ‘funeral’ team until 1980, before moving on to Banfieldwhere he remained only in 1981.

Subsequently, Pascutti stitched together -perhaps- the best of his career and exhibited his hierarchy in Futurewhere he spent three years (1983, 1984, 1985), with 10 goals in 71 games.

His conditions earned him transfer to Quilmesanother team in which he stood out with 9 goals in 55 matches (1985-1986).

As he grew older, Pascutti took on the characteristics of a leader, on and off the pitch. Hence, most of the teams fought to get their contest.

So, Deportivo Moron He was a member of Primera B and turned to ‘Beto’ to participate in Deportivo Morón’s campaign, which was promoted to B Nacional (1989-1990) beating Nueva Chicago in a sprint.

He was also a player Tiger and lived another moment of glory in his career when he was hired by all boys, whom he led to the B Nacional with his enormous hierarchy in the 1992-1993 season, with a great goal included against Deportivo Armenio (2-1) on the penultimate date. Almost towards the end of the game He took it on the left side of the field, got rid of a rival and from quite far from the rival area he nailed a shoe next to the post of the goal that gives back to Alvarez Jonte avenue.

In total he played 275 games and scored 35 goals in three different categories of Argentine soccer.

As a coach, he went through Tigre (he was promoted to the First B Nacional in the mid-’90s), Nueva Chicago, All Boys, Juventud Antoniana de Salta, Almirante Brown, Aldosivi from Mar del Plata, Sarmiento from Junín, Talleres de Remedios de Escalada, Sportivo Italiano and Tiro Federal de Rosario, among several other clubs.

The football of great lights and millions may not even find out about the departure of Beto Pascutti. For those who had the privilege of seeing him invent dribbling on a Saturday on a wooden platform, the news is a bitter pill. The ball is in mourning.

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