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Betis The renewals of Isco and Guido leave a victim at Betis Jesús Carames – December 22, 2023 – 8:00 p.m

Ramón Planes has been working on extending Isco’s contract for several weeks and now the possibility of extending the link with Guido Rodríguez has been reopened

After the appointment of Guido Rodríguez was considered impossible, Betis sports management focused on extending the contract with Isco. This has been the club’s big priority in recent weeks with the man from Malaga playing at a high level. So much so that he is one of the best footballers in LaLiga.

The MVPs have become a given for him because he shines on the field in every game. Therefore Betis has been working on renewing Isco. In fact, they were close to achieving it, but the operation failed at the last moment. However, there is good harmony between both parties and everything indicates that he will continue to wear the green and white shirt.

Isco completes his contract extension with Betis
Betis considered Guido lost before his injury

First Isco’s renewal, then Guido Rodríguez

As mentioned, just a few days ago Betis considered Guido Rodríguez lost. But after the Argentine midfielder’s serious injury, operations resumed. And teams’ interest in him has disappeared and the club has taken advantage of this to move closer to positions.

Be it as it may, Betis’ priority is to renew Isco. Once it’s over, it’s Guido Rodríguez’s turn. Both players will be among the highest paid players in the squad, representing a big jump in the club’s pay scale. But that will also have consequences because an important player could leave.

Fekir, the main sacrifice

Due to the salary jump that Isco and Guido will make, Betis has to cut its squad. And among those affected is Fekir, who is one of the favorites to leave the club. All because of his great contract as he is one of the highest paid in the club. Therefore, his departure would immediately balance the balance.

Be it as it may, Fekir’s departure will only be clarified at the summer market. And he is still a very important player for Manuel Pellegrini, which is why they want him at least until the end of the season. But anything can happen in summer. This will be even more true if the extension of Isco and Guido Rodríguez’s contracts is ultimately completed.

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