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Betis ready to do anything to leave Sevilla FC without Lacazette

After the wink of the French attacker, the Betic club will do a series of maneuvers to win their signing

The coaching staff and the directives of the Betis, they have proposed to sign the French striker Alexandre Lacazette ASAP. Although the operation has its difficulties, they have already managed to fulfill the first step, making the player reject the renewal offer by the Arsenal. Now they have a long itinerary to fulfill if they want the former Lyon to wear the green-and-white elastic.

The next thing they will have to do is get a large sum of money, but it is not for their pass, since the Frenchman would arrive free. The plan of the sevillian set it is to wait until the summer market, so that the ram arrives with the letter of freedom. All this must be carried out as soon as possible, so that their backyard rival, the Sevilla FC, don’t get ahead of them in the winter market.

  Lacazette Betis
Betis will have to give way to Joaquín and Borja Iglesias to reduce the salary mass.

The internal maneuvers of Betis to undertake the signing of Lacazette

If the French striker manages to stay in the Gunner club until the summer market, and of course without renewing, the Heliopolitan club will have a great terrain gained. Now what follows is to put together a great offer that includes a good salary and optimal conditions. To achieve this, they will have to make money with one of their best assets, and that is undoubtedly Borja Iglesias.

The Compostela attacker would leave a good sum with his sale, and would also help reduce the salary mass. But the effort is still insufficient, another player should come out with a high average salary and that is Joaquín, who is the fifth highest paid footballer in the squad. With these two exits, the finances of Betis are adjusted to the measure to receive the signing of Lacazette.

Sevilla wants to give first the blow that Betis in the signing of Lacazette

As we mentioned earlier, Sevilla FC is also looking for an offensive benchmark since they will suffer two casualties from January. In this way, the Seville club has considered the signing of the French, with the difference that they are willing to undertake the operation this same winter market.

The main problem for Monchi and the entire Nervión club is that the same French striker has already announced that he will not leave Arsenal in January. The player’s plan is to fulfill his contract until the summer of 2022. Sevilla will have to put together a great proposal to make the attacker change his mind, and also get a figure to pay Arsenal for the transfer.

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