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Betis maintains the Villamarín lock

Betis maintains the Villamarín lock

Without shine and with a lot of suffering, but Betis took three points again at Villamarínwhere they remain undefeated this season. 1-0 win against Las Palmas with a single goal from Willian José that he is convincing the fans with goals this season. The game had its share and Las Palmas deserved the draw in the second half where it looked like it was Friday Saving Betis with a great performance.

The league





Real Betis

Fridays; Bellerín, Pezzella, Riad, Miranda; Guido, Carvalho (Guardado, 52′); Luiz Henrique (Abde, 60′), Isco (Fekir, 75′), Ayoze (Rodri, 60′); Willian José (Iglesias, 75′)

The palms

Valleys; Suárez (Araujo, 46′), Coco, Mármol, S.Cardona; Perrone (Loiodice, 46′), Kirian, Muñoz (M.Cardona, 88′); Marvin (Sandro, 66′), Moleiro, Munir (Benito, 80′).


1-0 M.19 Willian Jose.


Garcia Verdura. TA: Perrone (33′), Munir (53′).


Benito Villamarín (48,132 spectators).

The visiting team started “dominately” and wanted to assert their game, even though they were playing against a team that was also normally very dominant Betis. Moleiro on the left he defected twice Bellerin And The palms gave the Villamarín fans a few scares. This Canarian upswing did not last long.

He Betis He soon reversed that hesitant start and began playing for Isco for another day. With Guido And Carvalho very solid in the middle of the field, and Ayoze And Luis Henrique With their banded incisors, the green and white ones began to find gaps and light themselves up Alvaro Valles. Mainly also after robberies in dangerous areas of the opponent’s field when the ball is dropped The palms.

The first goal was scored during one of these actions Pellegrini. Guido He jumped on the pressure and left the ball IscoAfter a private label-oriented inspection, you will be left alone Valleys. He arrived by force and could only stick his toe in, but there he was William Jose to take advantage of the goalkeeper’s rebound. Sixth goal in the league of the Brazilian, tenth in all competitions.

In the second half the game gradually began to change. Carvalho He was injured shortly after leaving the locker room and Betis He lost a lot in midfield. Very little attacking presence from the Green-Whites The palms He grew and took the reins of the game, although despite his constant presence near the goal, he had no bite at the top Friday.

Munir He missed a goal with a shot that he pushed past the goal after a low cross from the right. The assistant raised the flag, but the goal would have been recorded on the scoreboard if it had gone in because it was in the correct position. That was the feeling The palms deserved more and that the goal of the tie was much closer than the second Betis.

But the scoreboard didn’t move and the Betis He kept his fiefdom intact. Five wins, two draws and no defeats this season for the Beticos in Villamarín. They are tied with 24 points Sporty in sixth place, one behind Real, and the most important thing is the five point gap that opens between the European zone and what lies behind.

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