Betis detects a cheap option to replace Álex Moreno

Although no consistent offers have arrived for the lane player, Antonio Cordón continues to gather possible replacements

Manuel Pellegrini knows that the left side Alex Moreno It is quite an important element in the Real Betis. If he were for the Chilean coach, he would leave him as his fixed lane for this new season, but since this is not the case, the coach knows that an offer could come at any time that ends up removing him from his squad.

Although the only calls he has received Antonio Cordon They have been testing the side, he continues to gather candidates for the Catalan lane. The last name that has been added to the address book of the Betic painting It’s of Miguel Gutierrezmerengue youth squad who is currently in the Real Madrid squad.

Betis Alex Moreno
Despite Marcelo’s departure from Real Madrid, Miguel Gutiérrez will not stay in the white squad either,

Despite the departure of Marcelo, Gutiérrez is left without a place at Real Madrid and Betis considers him to be a clear replacement for Álex Moreno

Many were those who thought that the merengue jewel was going to be the one who would take the role of direct substitute for Ferland Mendy, once Marcelo left Chamartín. The truth is that Ancelotti has already expressed himself in this situation, and told the same player that he will not have him, at least not this season. It is a clear warning that the Madridista sports management has to find a quick solution.

Well, precisely one of those feasible solutions for everyone is that the Sevillian team asks for the transfer of the side in case Álex Moreno leaves. The 20-year-old lane player has a contract with the white entity until 2024 and it is clear that his team does not want to get rid of him definitively.

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Real Madrid will not repeat the Fran García case and Betis would already take over for Álex Moreno

From the sports and general management of the Merengue club, led by the always well-known Florentino Pérez, they know that in the case of Fran García they made a mistake. Real Madrid ended up loaning him and then selling him to Rayo Vallecano since they did not bet on him. Now that his level is very high, the Rayista team wants to fleece the Merengue club if they want him back.

They do not want to go through the same situation with Miguel Gutiérrez, so if they grant a loan to Betis it will be without a purchase option. The white club vehemently believes in the talent of its youth squad but now what it needs most is minutes and the Verdiblanco team can give them to them. Of course, the transfer will be valid if Álex Moreno finally ends up leaving.

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