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Betis and Seville have no place for foreigners

Betis and Seville have no place for foreigners

Betis and Seville, Sevilla and Betis, will go to the transfer market with their respective limitations. If in Nervión the earthquake generated by, once again, the Monchi march is still being digested and a solution is being sought, in Heliópolis the messages of the obligation to tighten our belts due to economic problems are constant. However, there is a problem that both share, not being able to sign non-EU members.

Right now, both Sevilla and Betis have occupied the three places available in each squad for non-European players. And the curious thing is that neither of the two Sevillian teams said places are occupied by decisive or essential players.

In Nervión, the three non-EU citizens are Acuña, Montiel and Marcao. The first, who is in the process of being nationalized, is the only one who can be considered a starter since he was the fourth player on the squad in minutes played. Montiel scored the penalty that gave the Europa League but he only started due to injury or need to rest for Navas. And Mark…

In Villamarín, meanwhile, the non-EU members are Abner, Luiz Henrique and Willian José. The last one is looking for a way out and, paradoxically, he is the one who can obtain the passport before, since he is in the process of doing so. The curious thing is that he could already have had it due to his years of residence in Spain, but he stopped the process when he was summoned by Brazil some time ago. At Betis he has been urged to resume it but his future at the entity does not seem clear. Luiz Henrique went from more to less and Abner has not convinced since his arrival in January, but young Brazilians are two values ​​for which the club has opted to achieve capital gains.

In this way, unless the departure process is lightened, Sevilla and Betis have for now banned the market for non-EU players.

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