Betis Abde does not penetrate the eyes of Pellegrini Andrés Guzmán – December 9, 2023 – 1:30 p.m

The Moroccan footballer continues to leave doubts in the coach’s mind and that could be crucial

Ez Abde is one of the big unknowns that Real Betis needs to solve and where Manuel Pellegrini has great importance. And the Verdiblancos coach is not entirely convinced by the winger and has therefore only given him a few minutes this season. For this and other reasons, there are some questions about his future.

Let’s remember this Ez Abde was one of the reinforcements Betis received at the end of the last market at Pellegrini’s request. It was a move planned by Ramón Planes and his contacts at FC Barcelona that caused quite a surprise in a very changing market. Of course, the Moroccan’s decision was not a good one.

Abde fails to start the league with Betis
The Chilean coach is the first obstacle for Abde to have good minutes

Manuel Pellegrini doesn’t consider Abde because of his style of play: he will continue to be repulsive

In this way, it was discovered that several of the problems that the Moroccan international encountered with Benito Villamarín were related to the coach’s system. There are also themes where the 21-year-old footballer’s playing style doesn’t fit into the scheme.

In this order of ideas, For Manuel Pellegrini, the former Barcelona player’s style of play does not match his expectations. Therefore, there are many players who prefer to place in this area. This again makes it clear that the fact that he doesn’t have a place in the starting eleven is not a performance problem.

The winger’s lack of good minutes could lead to his departure

In this case, Ez Abde’s future at Real Betis would be in doubt. The player will no longer accept being substituted and would seek an immediate exit, something the club is not thinking about for now. The idea of ​​​​the people of Heliópolis is nothing other than to value the footballer and then sell him for a million dollars.

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Then we have to wait and see what will happen with this movement. For now, from Pellegrini’s entourage, they will continue on the same path with Abde as a catalyst. In any case, and despite his lack of minutes, he has a great poster in the Premier League. Aston Villa are looking for the unstable Moroccan striker.

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