Bethesda denounces its own Twitter account for copyright infringement

Now that we’re approaching the launch of Bethesda’s long-awaited game Redfall, the publisher is busy trying to remove all filtered content you can find on the internet. Even images of Redfall appeared on its own official Twitter account.

Bethesda is taking extreme vigilance and reporting copyright violations for accounts that post unapproved Redfall images and footage.

But this time it went too far, as the studio itself managed to give itself away.


Both GamePitt and PMS Jordan shared test screenshots, showing the Redfall Twitter account with the banner image removed. Not just removed, but replaced with a gray rectangle with the message: “Image was removed in response to a copyright holder report.”

Policing copyright is difficult. So much so that sometimes you press, you give yourself away. This makes us wonder how useful these anti-leakage campaigns really are. Much of the content being removed is images without much relevance.

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