Josep Betalú is part of the history of the Titan Desert. Only he and Roberto Heras have achieved victory four times in Morocco and the KH-7 team cyclist has done so consecutively. In this new edition of the best stage race in the desert in the world, Josep Betalú will seek to overtake the four-time winner of La Vuelta and achieve the long-awaited fifth victory that will make him enter the legend of the Titan Desert.

The king of the desert has plenty of experience. He already accumulates 10 participations in all the locations in which tests with the Titan seal have been held: Morocco, Cuba, Arabia and Almería and faces this edition “with great desire and ambition. The objective is clear and has not changed for a long time: to fight for victory always and until the end, without ever giving up. The key is the same as always, not fail any day. You have to be very regular and make as few mistakes as possible”.

The character of Josep Betalú and his quality on the bike, in addition to his experience and knowledge when navigating the desert dunes, makes the peloton always keep an eye on the movements of the Amposta cyclist. Josep is one of the leading players, showing his face and his rivals take into account all his movements. This year will be no different.

As for his rivals, Betalú knows that before the race begins nothing is worth. The desert puts everyone in their place. “The toughest rival is the desert itself, the high temperatures, the rugged terrain. It is that you can find yourself in complicated situations, both in navigation and with mechanical problems. As for names, there are always many rivals. Some for fitness, others for experience and knowing how to manage the competition. When the first stage is finished, the candidates can already be known. Sometimes some surprise and others yield less than you thought. Honestly, living so far away, in Costa Rica, I only focus on my training and getting to the race as well as possible. It is a very different race and anything can happen. In the end, this race is won by the one who makes the fewest mistakes”, declares Betalú.

The tropical climate of Costa Rica has little to do with what you will find in Africa. Neither does the orography of the territory and it is that “for several years my way of preparing the Titan is quite different. I live in a place that is the polar opposite of the desert. But, like a good chameleon, I try to adapt in the best possible way”.

Leader of the largest team

Josep Betalú will once again be the leader of the KH-7 team. Since 2019 he runs in the team led by Melcior Mauri and is the benchmark for all the participants who run with the Canovelles brand jersey.. She feels comfortable and lets it be known: “The truth is that my team is motivated. It is the same team that motivates me to continue. There is always a very good feeling, both on the part of Josep Maria Lloreda, Melcior Mauri and the entire KH-7 team, as well as with all those who compete, both at a professional and amateur level, like the colleagues who will help me like Óscar Carrasco and Luis López, as well as other members such as Núria Picas, Anna Ramírez, the Ballús sisters. Really, if it wasn’t for this team, she wouldn’t be on the Titan a long time ago. It is a very special team with which I am looking forward to meeting with all of them every year”.

30 will be the members of the KH-7 team. Leaders who will fight for victory are mixed, gregarious who will help to achieve this goal, cyclists who simply aim to finish and enjoy the experience… a multitude of different profiles of cyclists who share the same passion: cycling.


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