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There are many classifications that can be seen throughout the web, ordering the drivers when a Formula 1 season ends according to different criteria and evaluations. But the most anticipated each year are the ones he makes with the opinions of the pilots themselves and their team leaders. This year, nobody has missed the appointment and among all they have chosen the ten best of 2022 distributing points with the same system that the World Cup uses. And, how could it be otherwise, champion Verstappen is number one on both tables.

We start with the results of the votes of the protagonists that, unlike the one of the bosses that we will see later, do not reflect the total points that each driver has received, only their position among the top ten. A) Yes, the Dutchman is chosen among his colleagues on the grid as the best of the year after lifting his second consecutive title in an overwhelming campaign with 15 victories. Leclerc follows him in second position and the last place on the podium is shared by the two Mercedes drivers with Hamilton ahead of Russell.

They also reward Norris, who closes the top-5, for practically pulling the McLaren car alone with a Ricciardo unable to meet in Woking. And immediately after, The two Spaniards appear with Alonso sixth and Sainz seventh. His outstanding performances with Alpine place the Spaniard above the man from Madrid, who achieved the first victory of his life in F1 at Silverstone. And completing the top ten, a triple tie for eighth place between Albon (with remarkable results with the Williams), Vettel and Pérez.

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Top-10 of the year for the pilots themselves

1.max verstappen6.Fernando Alonso
2.charles leclerc7.Carlos Sainz
3.lewis hamilton8.Alex Albón
-.George Russell-.Sebastian Vettel
5.Lando Norris-.Sergio Perez

The opinions of the team leaders are similar to those of the pilots, just one name on the list and some positions among the others change. The best, of course, is Verstappen, who adds 207 points, 82% of 250 possible (25 max for each of the ten bosses) which gives him an overwhelming majority over the rest. Leclerc is also the closest to Max with 144 in a pretty solid second position ahead of the Mercedes pair, here with Russell ahead of Hamilton, being the last to reach one hundred points.

Pérez closes the top-5 of which Norris remains close, to which they stand out so much for his leadership season at McLaren that he is the only one to break the group of the six best cars of 2022 to the detriment of Sainz. The man from Madrid is seventh in the table with the other Spaniard, Alonso, hot on his heels only one point behind, which they award as the best Alpine. Bottas close the classification (here chosen instead of Albon) and Vettel, who is fired from F1, making him a place among the best, leaving Ocon as the only top-10 in the World Cup off the list.

Top-10 drivers for F1 bosses

1.max verstappen2076.Lando Norris81
2.charles leclerc1447.Carlos Sainz68
3.George Russell1278.Fernando Alonso67
Four.lewis hamilton1009.Valtteri Bottas29
5.Sergio Perez9110.Sebastian Vettel24

*The team managers who have participated: Christian Horner (Red Bull), Mattia Binotto (Ferrari), Toto Wolff (Mercedes), Otmar Szafnauer (Alpine), Andreas Seidl (McLaren), Fred Vasseur (Alfa Romeo), Mike Krack ( Aston Martin), Gunther Steiner (Haas), Franz Tost (Alpha Tauri) and Jost Capito (Williams).

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