Besides the wicketkeeper, can any other player catch the ball wearing gloves? Learn interesting rules

The field side in the cricket field has a wicketkeeper who takes the lead wearing gloves. Aside from the goalkeeper, you would never have seen gloves in the hands of any other player. Only the wicketkeeper has the right to catch the ball while wearing gloves. But what if someone other than the field team’s goalie catches the ball with their gloves?

In such a situation, the batting team’s account is credited with 5 runs as a five-run penalty. Therefore, only the goalkeeper has the right to catch the ball with gloves. Otherwise, if a player of the team catches such a ball, the whole team has to bear the brunt.

Under Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) Rule, the main cricket rule book, if a fielder wears clothing other than his body, gloves, helmet, goggles, etc., the opposing team will be awarded a penalty of 5 runs . Aside from the penalty run, if the batsman runs away and executes a run, these runs are also added together.

  • When the fielding side is found to be intentionally interfering with the batsman.
  • A fielder should come down to field play without the referee’s permission.
  • Fake fielding means showing false fielding to bluff the batsman.
  • When a fielder catches the ball with anything other than his body and hands (gloves, goggles, cap, etc.).

Please let us know that Pakistani captain Babar Azam caught the ball with gloves during the field game, as a result, the opposing team received 5 runs as a penalty. This incident happened in 2022 during an ODI match between Pakistan and the West Indies. The video of Babar catching the ball with his gloves also went viral on social media.

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