Berenguer believes he is important for Athletic

Athletic needs to work on the future of several players such as Álex Berenguer, who is due to expire at the end of the season and who currently has not signed a contract extension

In the summer of 2010, after intensive negotiations with Turin that lasted much longer than expected, Athletic signed Alex Berenguer. He did this by paying 12 million euros to the Italian team, thus obtaining the services of a footballer who had delighted Osasuna and who had not stopped developing in Serie A.

Everything seemed to indicate that he would become a very important player, but the truth is that his performances have been erratic since his arrival. Especially due to the progress of Nico Williams and the level of maturity that Iñaki Williams has experienced in recent seasons. Therefore Álex Berenguer was never the key player Athletic expected him to be.

Berenguer has not yet extended his contract with Athletic
Berenguer has already publicly expressed his desire to extend his contract

Álex Berenguer: A journey full of ups and downs at Athletic

In the world of football, few players reflect the rollercoaster ride of a professional career better than Álex Berenguer in Athletic. Since his arrival in the team Berenguer has experienced seasons full of ups and downs, characterized by moments of brilliance punctuated by periods of lower visibility. However, one thing has become clear in his recent statements: his desire to continue at the club under the management of Ernesto Valverde.

Since joining Athletic Berenguer has proven to be a player with remarkable skills change the course of a game. However, his career was not free from irregularities. Despite these fluctuations, he has achieved moments of great impact, contributed to important victories and provided insights into his technical and tactical quality.

Berenguer’s future at Athletic: statements on his renewal

The lack of continuity was one of them The biggest challenges for Berenguer at Athletic. The constant fluctuations in his participation and role within the team have affected his performance, but he has still been able to adapt and find his place in different game situations.

Recently, Berenguer has expressed his desire to continue being part of the Athletic project. “I know what I can contribute, what I have contributed to Athletic. We’ll take it step by step and see what happens. Of course I would like to continue. I am very happy and happy here. “I am calm, which in my opinion is the most important thing in life,” explained the player.

Ernesto Valverde, the key to his renewal

The arrival of Ernesto Valverde on the Athletic bench has opened a new chapter for many players, including Berenguer. The coach, known for his ability to revive careers and nurture talent, could be the key to Berenguer’s future with the team. A future that is not yet clear at the moment.

Athletic Club, now under Valverde’s management, must assess Berenguer’s contribution and potential for the coming seasons. Your decision whether to renew the player or not depends on several factors. Factors that the club and coaching staff will study very closely before the end of the season, when he could become a free agent.

An uncertain but promising future

Berenguer’s continuity could also have one significant impact on employee and team morale. A player with his experience and ability can be a valuable asset on and off the field. Furthermore, his consistency could be well received by fans who value loyalty and commitment to the club’s colors.

Definitely, Álex Berenguer is at a crucial point in his career at Athletic Club. With the support of Ernesto Valverde and his own desire to move on, he could be given the chance to cement his place in the team and show that he is capable of overcoming the irregularities of previous seasons. The club, in turn, has the task of deciding whether the player’s commitment matches their future plans. Something they won’t do just with the Barañain-born footballer because Athletic has a lot of negotiations to decide.

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