The Super Amara Bera Bera does not waste his first ‘match ball’ and is proclaimed champion of the Liga Guerreras Iberdrola after winning with authority (22:35; 14:18 at the break) during his visit to Unicaja Banco Gijón. Third consecutive title, the eighth in the last decade, which confirms the dominance of the women from San Sebastian in the domestic competition.

Match that started as expected, with two teams struggling to impose the rhythm of the game that best suited them. In the case of the Asturians, with fast ball circulations and long attacks in which the main objective seemed to be to avoid turnovers. For their part, the women from San Sebastian came out with the highest revolutions, putting many legs on defense and seeking to recover balls that would allow them to make quick transitions towards the rival goal.

Finally, it would be Super Amara Bera Bera who managed to impose the rhythm that best suited her, forcing errors in an indecisive attack from Gijón that saw how the visitors punished each mistake with quick transitions. A frenetic pace that was very difficult to follow, forcing Cristina Cabeza to request her first time-out before the first quarter of an hour (4:7 min. 11). Time for reflection in which the Madrid coach asked her team to make better use of the pitch, trying to avoid spilling the entire game into a central zone in which Bera Bera seemed impregnable.

Instructions that seemed to permeate the rows of a Unicaja Banco Gijón that, with better movements without the ball and faster circulations, managed to do damage to the side of the rival team, quickly cutting distances on the scoreboard (6:7 min.13).

Moment from which, both teams took the game to an exchange of blows that would last until the final stretch of the first period. Minutes in which the Asturian seemed to catch a rhythm higher than the Super Amara Bera Bera dominates perfectly. Situation that allowed those of Imanol Álvarez to take off again on the scoreboard until 14:18, which would reflect the light as it passed through the changing rooms. After the rest time little seemed to change in the 40×20 of the Arena Pavilion, in which an insatiable Super Amara Bera Bera did not slow down, exhibiting a great defensive level that allowed him to continue running and increasing income (16:22) in the light.

A positive trend that would continue throughout a second period dominated by a team from San Sebastian that rotated and asserted their physical superiority against a tired Unicaja Banco Gijón. Situation with which those from San Sebastián felt very comfortable, managing their income until the final 22:35 that would win the score and give Super Amara Bera Bera two points and a league title.


On Saturday, the other Basque team in the competition, Zubileta Evolution Zuazo Barakaldo, ensured their presence for another season in the Iberdrola Warriors League, thanks to the resounding victory (32:23) achieved in Lasesarre against Handbol Sant Quirze.

Triumph with which the zuazotarras cleared one of the unknowns of the season in the lower part of the classification in which the Morvedre Handball continues to do a commendable job of resistance. This time scoring a new win (31:26) before the Zonzamas Cicar Lanzarote that, added to the defeat of Conservas Rubensa Orbe Porriño against Caja Rural Aula Valladolid, allows the Valencians to continue dreaming of a permanence that seems difficult but not impossible.

The day was completed with the victory (32:22) of Elche against Salud Tenerife. Two points with which Joaquín Rocamora’s players continue to hurry up their options to fight for the coveted positions that give access to Europe.


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