Benzema’s soccer secret that “cannot be taught”

Karim Benzema is receiving a recognition that years ago resisted him. Although the quality of French has never been questioned, his performance used to be in question and he gave the impression that he needed a little step to sit at the table of the greatest. Now, with a privileged site, he reveals AS in an exclusive interview what is your secret about the field, what differentiates you from the otherss.

“The most important thing is to watch football fast,” he points out before leaving a notice: “This cannot be taught“. The French is convinced that it is an innate quality that has to be developed from a very young age, in his case,”playing with other guys older than me, taller, stronger and faster. And that forced me to play like a game now, to think quickly and execute the play as soon as I received the ball at my feet. “

You have to have the next play in your head before the previous one ends, and run it at full speed. That is the great secret. I know what I’m going to do before I receive the ball. ” remembered the best Ronaldinho.

It is true that it is a very typical control of him“He admits.”The truth is that I did it on purpose. I knew or intuited that Alaba was going to put that ball on me, and I read the play“, he says as if the realization of that work of art had been easy for him, like a routine task. One more day at the office for Karim.

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