Benzema will be on the bench to save France in the Qatar final

Bad news for the Argentine team but very good news for the French team and all their fans, and that is that one of their offensive references could be on the bench and could even add a few minutes

The sad news you received France and various football fans in general regarding Karim Benzema could take a happy turn in the final. Everyone remembers the end of November when the same coach Didier Deschamps He stated that the Real Madrid striker would not play in the World Cup due to an injury that, although it was not serious, did leave him out of competition.

Now in the last match of the world cup things could change and the Gallic attacker I would be on the bench as one more player. And it is that we remember that the French coach never took out the current Golden Ball from his list, nor did he call another striker to replace him. In this way the Cat You have every right to be there. The question is, will Benzema travel from Madrid?

Final Benzema
Although Benzema was removed from the group, Deschamps never removed him from the list or called another striker to replace him.

Although Benzema was not removed from the French list if he left Qatar and could return for the final

Some believe that the striker has been in Qatar since his team landed on Asian soil, but the truth is that Karim has been in Spain for a couple of weeks. The player returned to Madrid when he found out that he could not play and instead of regretting and immersing himself in the pain of not participating, he better returned.

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Now that his team is in the final and one step away from winning two times in a row and lifting the third title in French history, he wants to be a part of it. That if the coach of the Merengue club can not do anything since FIFA. It guarantees that a player who was not expelled from the list can return.

Deschamps did not want to say if Benzema would be in the World Cup final

In a press conference after the 2-0 victory against Morocco that gave him the ticket to the final. The coach was asked about the merengue striker. “Benzema in the final? I am not going to answer, next question…” It is clear that the player has the doors open, and that Deschamps does not want to affirm it but he does not want to deny it either.

It is very unlikely that Benzema will enter the pitch given that the injury is still very recent. However, the fact of having an offensive benchmark on the bench is a very important boost for his teammates. The question, as we already said, is whether the Ballon d’Or will travel 14,000 kilometers, adding round trips. Although in the case of a World Cup final, it’s worth it.

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