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Benzema: “Vinicius is top” – AS.com

Karim Benzema was the Real Madrid player who appeared at the official UEFA press conference prior to tomorrow’s Wednesday game against Inter, in which Ancelotti’s team makes their debut this season in the top continental competition.

Great start to the season: “I don’t think there is a secret. I work every day, I take great care of myself physically and mentally. From the beginning to the end of the course. I feel very good, I work a lot and you can see that.”

There is dependence on Benzema: “We are a very strong team, what I have to do is always help my team. As I am doing, with goals and assists. We have to win something and that’s it. But it’s up to the whole team.”

The gold ball: “It does not take away my sleep, it is a dream of all the players, but the most important thing is what I do with my team. If I can help win titles, I do it. I deserve to be at this level, everyone wants the Ballon d’Or “.

Mbappé has not been able to come: “We know which player he is, we are going to focus on the game. I have already spoken a lot about this.”

Champions League

* Data updated as of September 14, 2021

The attack now and the BBC: “Equal I don’t know, it’s another time and it’s other players. What I did with Bale and Cristiano is over, there were many goals, it’s a trio that will always remain in the memory. Eden [Hazard] and Vinicius are two great players, we help the team with goals and assists. We’ll see what happens in the end. “

Vinicius: “Vini is a young player, but he already has experience and he is helping us a lot with goals and speed, I am always with him and if I can help him more, I will. He is a top player”

The bandaged hand always: “I had surgery once. Then I had to wait a couple of months and I wanted to play. I have hurt myself again and now I can’t stop to have surgery. That’s why I play with a bandage.”

Madrid, out of focus in the Champions League: “For me, the Champions League is the competition with the most pressure. All the teams are very strong. Football today is eleven against eleven, anyone can win. There are favorites, but many times they don’t get it right. We have a good team. We’re going to fight him to win this Champions “.

Defensive problems: “It is not a problem for strikers, it belongs to the whole team. We are on the field, we try to win, we want not to concede and then score several goals. These things are seen every day in training.”

His criticisms of Vinicius: “What he gives me now is that he is doing well on the pitch. He scores goals and contributes a lot.”

The same group from a year ago: “The Champions League is special, everyone wants to win it. We are here and that’s it, we look at ourselves.”

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