Benfica’s crack over Chelsea that could close the door on Enzo

The transfer of Enzo Fernandez It is being one of the most controversial topics in the January market. The Argentine player is being highly valued in the Premier League, with the Chelsea becoming the main actor of his possible signing. However, this operation has caused a tremendous crack on the part of the Benficawho does not understand the way of proceeding from the British team.

Enzo Fernández arrived six months ago from River and has become the cornerstone of the Portuguese team. This managed to attract the attention of important teams such as Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle or Chelsea. Later, the blues have come forward with the proposal to pay their clause, as Benfica has demanded at all times. Despite this, the English are blindsided and try to negotiate a lower price, something that the people of Lisbon are not liking.

-We don’t want to sell Enzo

Given all this, the coach of the Portuguese team, Roger Schmidt, has made a series of very forceful statements in which he has expressed his tremendous discontent with the situation. “We know that there is a termination clause, if he wants to leave and someone breaks the clause, we may lose the player.”

“We do not want to sell Enzo, neither I nor the president. There is a club that wants him, they tried to attract him, but they know that they can only have him if they pay the clause. It is a lack of respect for all of us, for Benfica, they are driving the player crazy, they pretend they want to pay the clause and then they want to negotiate”.

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