Home Sports Benfica, very close to closing the signing of Neres

Benfica, very close to closing the signing of Neres

Benfica, very close to closing the signing of Neres

The benfica has put a great interest in the player of the Shakhtar Donetskthe brazilian winger david neres, for several weeks. He has been speculating all these days about his possible arrival in the Portuguese league while the Portuguese are dealing in turn with the possible departure of Darwin Nuñez, who has become one of the most desired in the Premier League, particularly Manchester United.

David Neres had very good games during his time at Ajax in Amsterdam, although his performance dropped after the arrival of Antony and he ended up signing for the Ukrainian team. With the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, many players are leaving the football clubs of these countries, UEFA facilitating the aforementioned exits, which Benfica wanted to take advantage of to get closer to the signing of David Neres.

Salary agreement between Benfica and David Neres

David Neres drew a lot of attention in Europe during his time with the Dutch team, where he managed to give his best version. However, he was overshadowed by his fellow Brazilian and ended up leaving the club in January this year to seek another opportunity with Shakhtar Donetsk. However, the Brazilian has not had time to adapt to the beginning of the war and is now looking for a new destination.

For its part, Benfica knows very well that David Neres is a high-quality winger and that, by offering his best performance, he can become a very profitable signing both in terms of sport and money. According to the Portuguese media, Benfica would have already reached a salary agreement with David Neres and it is only a matter of time before they end up closing said signing.



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