Benefits of installing solar panels in neighboring communities

The majority of the Spanish population lives in apartment blocks with great potential for photovoltaic self-consumption. While there is still a small proportion that have taken the step towards solar energy, the numbers are increasing, detecting exponential growth in recent years. The reason for this upward trend is the many benefits it brings.

There are several reasons that make citizens increasingly interested in solar panel installations for self-consumption of electricity. On the one hand, there is greater ecological awareness and a commitment to clean energy generation. On the other hand, the rise in the price of electricity remains unstoppable. Not only privately, neighboring communities also want to benefit from this type of facility. These are the most striking advantages of investing in photovoltaic solar panels in a community building.

Provide common services and save

The first objective of installation of solar panels neighboring the community is sustainable energy self-sufficiency that allows cover energy costs for common areas. Since the energy needed for the elevator, the automatic lighting of the stairs, the intercom, among others, is covered. The surplus, in turn, can be used for the shared self-consumptionthat serves so that the families of the block can save on your individual account.

And the savingUltimately, it is the main objective install photovoltaic panels in neighboring communities. It is estimated that the reduction in the account can represent between 30% and 40% each month. A situation that could increase, among other things due to the privileged climate that Spain has for the use of solar energy.

In this sense, the return on investment occurs on average in 5 years and the useful life of solar panels is about 30 years. Furthermore, as the installation maintenance is minimalafter the initial investment is amortized, the savings will come.

Increase community value

At neighborhood communities increase their value by investing in green energy and sustainability through the installation of photovoltaic panels. For buyers, it is a long-term strategy, that is, although buying a home that has a photovoltaic installation is more expensive, over time the investment pays off when it is sold again, the price is much higher, as is the number of interested buyers. .

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energy independence

The greater the degree of energy independence of a community of neighbors, less will depend on your economic expenditure on energy derived from fluctuations in the price of electricity. A very common situation in recent years, with ever-increasing tariffs set by electricity companies.

Respect for the environment and sustainable consumption

Oenergy transition to a more sustainable world It is about replacing current and obsolete energy sources based on the consumption of fossil fuels with more efficient ones, more respectful of the environment and that allow a greater capacity for savings.

Solar energy is one of the main sources to carry out this transition process, and it is essential to transform neighborhood communities, as well as single-family homes, businesses and industries into cleaner places. With a massive commitment to photovoltaic panels in cities, it will be possible to stop climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and live in cleaner environments.

Opting for solar energy in neighboring communities is Commit to a means of sustainable electricity productionwhich has beneficial repercussions for society as a whole and for the conservation of the environment.

In this sense, in addition to purely economic interests, each community of neighbors with a solar energy installation will contribute its own grain of sand in relation to ecology, betting on a more sustainable way of life, reducing pollution and the ecological footprint.

All the advantages that have been mentioned about the installation of solar panels in neighboring communities are those of photovoltaic panels on any type of property; renewable energy, abundant in Spain, low electricity costs, silent and with minimal maintenance.

Due to the specific characteristics of the neighborhood communities that live in apartment blocks, the owners of each residence were not able to access the benefits of photovoltaic energy individually. That’s why the solution lies in the shared facilities, using the buildings terracethat are not used much and are excellent for receiving the incidence of sunlight.

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