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Benefits of AI for Amazon Sellers

Amazon plans to add AI to its search engine- EcN

The race for artificial intelligence (AI) is heating up and Amazon doesn’t want to be left behind. The company continues to take steps into the future and plans to incorporate AI, including for Help sellers improve and increase their sales. And in an increasingly competitive sector, the use of AI tools has become a key aspect for companies looking to succeed on Amazon. That’s why the company founded by Jeff Bezos continues to develop advanced technologies based on AI.

At the moment, Amazon is testing a generative AI tool that empowers sellers Create text for product listings. This new tool has the potential to revolutionize the way sellers create and optimize product descriptions. Specific, allows sellers to create titles, descriptions and highlights for their products. In addition, these may contain Keywords that describe your products and the AI ​​responds with a possible title and details about the list.

Likewise, the company has also set lLook into AI to create advertising campaigns and is working to form a team to develop AI tools that generate photos and videos that advertisers can use in advertising campaigns on their platform. Amazon’s main goal would be to diversify and strengthen its advertising business compared to its competitors Google and Meta. To achieve this, as Forbes published, Amazon wants to attract advertisers linked to products that contain generative AI; and hopes to find new ways to place these ads across Amazon’s business spectrum.

Amazon is also planning Use AI to detect damaged items during the packaging processso that they are taken out of service and unable to reach customers, as well as to speed up deliveries to customers who live near their warehouses, according to CNBC.

Benefits of AI

These are some of the tools that the company is developing so far and that will be particularly beneficial for sellers, allowing, among other things, the following Choose which products you want to purchase, manage inventory, and create product content and images, optimizing advertising and pricing, and managing distribution channel issues. But everything indicates that the company will continue to develop.

Among the benefits that these new tools bring, according to Marketplace Pulse, is that the information asymmetry between novice and experienced sellers disappears, because when AI takes over most of the work, both a new and experienced seller can manage advertising in the same way Way. There will also be no difference between native speakers and international sellers. The cited medium points out, for example, A seller from China and the US can create a perfect offer in English when AI takes over the creation.

However, the incorporation of AI will not happen because sellers run their business with fewer employees, but rather it will be a new fundamental level. Currently, as stated Marketplace PulseSome of the millions of Amazon sellers run their business only through Seller Central itself, others with Excel spreadsheets, with external software tools or with the help of agencies. In the short term, AI will not change this. But in the future it will be a solution that could make things easier for sellers.

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