Ben Stokes will withdraw his retirement from the ODI World Cup! Find out when the England team will be announced

Cricket’s largest Mahakumbh, i.e. world championship, is held every four years. The last World Cup was in 2019 and was won by England. Now the 2023 World Cup will be held in India from October 5th. All teams are preparing for this big cricket match. England management are busy bringing back star all-rounder Ben Stokes for the World Cup.

England manager Matthew Mott said we want Ben Stokes to be part of the World Cup squad but it remains to be seen what his decision will be. Until now, Ben Stokes hasn’t made it clear what he’s going to do? So far, he has not made it clear whether he will take part in the World Cup or not. But we assume that he will definitely be part of the World Cup team. If Ben Stokes is part of the World Cup team then especially this player’s bowling will be like a bonus for us.

Ben Stokes was instrumental in England winning the 2019 ODI World Cup. Stokes hit 465 runs with the racquet for a 66.43 average. In addition, seven wickets were also taken in bowling. The 2023 ODI World Championship is scheduled to take place in India. In such a situation, Stokes can prove deadly with both ball and bat. The English management knows this very well and that is why the management is committed to the return of Stokes. However, the final decision must be made by Stokes.

England manager Matthew Mott says Ben Stokes is excellent at batting and fielding but is also capable of bowling. That’s why we want him to play for England in 2023. We’ve continued to watch Ben Stokes throughout the Ashes series, he’s put on a great game. He has been doing this continuously for several years. Players like Ben Stokes are like the X-Factor in the ODI format.

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