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Ben Simmons messes it up again: he comes back suddenly and without warning

Ben Simmons messes it up again: he comes back suddenly and without warning

That the rhythm does not stop. It seems the motto, almost turned into a mantra, of a Ben Simmons who does not stop giving or grabbing headlines in a summer turned into a farce, in which he has turned against his own team, the Sixers, to back down and end up giving in to play with them. Regardless of the Australian’s intentions, it seems clear that the Philadelphia entity has sought a transfer, but no NBA franchise seemed willing to give anything for a player whose reputation is in question. who has an almost embarrassing contract (more than 177 million in five years) and it has not lived up to what was expected of it.

Well, to continue with the constant mess that it does not stop causing and in which it has almost become, Ben Simmons has appeared in Philadelphia without warning and without anyone in the organization being aware of this fact. According to Adrian Wojnarowski (how not), which has given the exclusive and has spread the information in a spectacular article of the ESPN, Simmons caught a flight from Los Angeles while his teammates were in Brooklyn, playing a preseason game against the Nets, to land in Philly to the surprise of the organization, which awaited him, in any case, at the end of the week. The player has undergone their corresponding coronavirus test and is expected to rejoin the rest of the group in the near future. One that, of course, cannot be specified exactly either.

In short, Simmons continues to stretch the gum, but from the franchise they see the positive part in this fact: he has returned to the Sixers. A clear and resounding step in the right direction, in an eternally postponed reconciliation that can rejoin the franchise and the player. Of course, Simmons’ reputation is still upset after a farce that has been slightly ridiculous. Force a handover, something generally normal in a decade marked by the rise of empowered gamers, to find no way out and have to stay where many no longer wanted him.

Regardless of all the above, the Sixers have things just as they did. Neither the base has been able to leave nor the team that leaves, and the attempt, in the common end, of both parties, has turned into failure. Now things have to be rebuilt with a squad virtually identical to last year, without important bench pieces like Dwight Howard, and the memory of that inexplicably lost tie to the Hawks. And, you know, the roof of the franchise since 2001, with Allen Iverson: the conference semifinals. Between that and Simmons’ reconciliation with Joel Embiid and the rest of the franchise … Well, that. Busy.

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