The "Bennifer" They are in pure love, but Ben Afleck does not believe the film and prefers to live it among them, in his own way, rather than going out to shout from the rooftops in the press of the heart or on social networks.

"In a friendly and direct way, I tell you, I just don’t want to be talking about my personal relationship in the newspaper. I’m going to exercise a little restraint"he told reporters at The Wall Street Journal.

However, Affleck summed up his feelings with JLo: "I can say that it is definitely beautiful to me. My life now reflects not only the person I want to be, but the person I truly feel like I am, which is not perfect, but someone who tries hard and cares a lot about being honest, authentic, and responsible. It’s hard to say who benefits the most without going into gossipy details".

He also expressed: There are things that are private and intimate, they have meaning in terms of our intimacy for the simple fact of not sharing them with the rest of the world.".

This year the couple gave themselves a new opportunity in their romantic lives when they returned to the courtship after 17 years apart, in which both had other love relationships.

Ben Affleck is in the promotion of "The last duel" ("The last duel"), directed by Ridley Scott, that the story it tells is relevant in today’s world and with a strong feminist imprint.

 "The last duel" ("The last duel") is based on a true story and is co-written by Affleck with Matt Damon and Nicole Holofcener.

"It is an important and incredible story, classic in terms of narrative: faced with a great injustice, a woman decides to raise her voice and seek justice by putting herself at risk, the fact that it is a powerful man who abuses her seemed something relevant in the actuality and that it could generate catharsis and empathy", has pointed out.

The story, told from three different points of view, revolves around a noble woman who in 14th century France decides to testify against her husband’s best friend because of rape, which will lead to the fate of the three decide in a duel to the death.

"For many years women have not been seen as equal human beings and there are vestiges of that look that remain today", Affleck has stressed, while admitting that they did not want to be "too didactic or boring" about.



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