Belkin launches cleaning kit for AirPods

Belkin launches cleaning kit for AirPods

Belkin has released a curious AirPods cleaning kit designed for Apple’s first, second and third generation of headphones.

The kit includes a solution that, according to the company, not only does it remove earwax, it also gives you back “your high-quality audio”.

Interestingly, Belkin says this cleaning kit is only for AirPods (all 3 generations) and doesn’t list AirPods Pro as compatible.

Our AirPods cleaning kit safely removes earwax buildup and restores acoustic performance without damaging your earbuds. Regain high-quality audio and get the most out of your Gen 1-3 AirPods for longer.

Belkin claims that its AirPods cleaning kit removes earwax buildup, restores acoustic performance, and is simple, safe, and easy to use. Its price is $14.99.


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