Belgium Floods: Life is painfully starting over

The floods in Belgium killed more than 30 people. Now is the time for cleaning up in completely devastated villages.

It’s like a big landfill. In a district devastated by the disaster of Liège, Belgium, everywhere, garbage is piling up, sometimes several meters high. Furniture and toys were destroyed by a torrent of mud. Memories crushed under the helpless gaze of the inhabitants.

In a resident’s house, we can see that she didn’t manage to save much. The water rose to two meters. And that’s how it works across the industry. The water has gone down, but the mud is stubborn. So how do you get some semblance of a life back? To move forward, we will have to quantify this damage. A puzzle for residents, where insurance companies go. For all of them, it’s the beginning of a long administrative journey, but they, at least, are alive. In Belgium, At least 163 people are missing. Several days after the disaster, hope fades.

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