Belasteguín will not be in France for breaking a microphone

The Argentine padel player Fernando Belasteguín has been sanctioned by the World Padel Tour for removing and breaking a microphone on the bench of the Vigo Open, during the quarterfinal match with Franco Stupaczuk and Martín Di Nenno. He will not be able to play next week at the Human France Padel Open 1000 and a financial fine of 2,550 euros has been imposed on him. Belasteguín himself has been in charge of communicating the decision through his social networks.

Economic and sports sanction for Fernando Belasteguín. The Argentinian pushed aside and broke a microphone in a step through benches in his game of quarterfinals of the Vigo Open with Franco Stupaczuk and Martín Di Nenno. Belasteguín first tried to cover the microphone that was in the area so that his comments would not be heard on the broadcast of the confrontation. He kept moving it sideways, and ended up ripping the wires. Due to this event, You are not allowed to play in the Human France Padel Open 1000 of the following week and has been imposed a fine of 2,550 euros (1,950 for breaking the microphone and 600 for the fine).

The Argentinian He apologized through social networks, but that has not made him get rid of the sanction. Bela knew the resolution from the round of 16 match of the Marbella Master last Thursday with Javi Garrido and Lucas Campagnolo. He himself was in charge of transmitting the statement also on his social networks. I am very sorry to announce that I will not be able to play the next tournament in France. World Padel Tour officially informed me last Thursday during the Marbella Master competition, that, apart from a fine and economic sanction (amount higher than the prize received), he also executed a sports sanction on me, prohibiting me from playing the next French Padel Open tournament for my misconduct in Vigo due to the incident that occurred with the microphone on the bench. As I did in its day, apologizing in the graphic post that World Padel Tour uploaded to its social networks, showing the world a misconduct In a hot moment on the bench, today I would like to apologize to the French public for not being able to come to play the tournament on French soil. I hope to have the chance to play again in France soon. I will continue training with the same passion that I did throughout my sports career,” the Argentine wrote next to a photograph of himself. his partner, Mike Yanguaswill not be in the competition either.

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