Bela becomes a ‘teacher’

At 44 years old, Fernando Belasteguín is having to accept a new role in the paddle tennis circuit. At an age in which many players would no longer choose to compete at the highest level, the genius of Pehuajó continues to give war to the youngest to choose to continue winning tournaments. But, far from that status that has left him in the background, the veteran athlete is being a ‘teacher’ for those couples who join his career at this stage. Several of them, in fact, have shone once their union with the 10×20 legend ended.

Playing with Bela is like doing a master at full speed inside the circuit on the blue track. Augustine Tapia He was the first advanced student he had by his side, and although the tug of war over positioning ended up separating their paths, the Argentine connection between the two brought more than one title for both of their showcases. After the magician from Catamarca, the next young man who fell into his hands was Arturo Coello. After a failed experiment with Sanyo Gutierrez, the man from Valladolid had a great opportunity to join his career with the number 1 in the history of paddle tennis. For Bela things did not fail and in what was an intense connection they both made the most of their time together to continue reaping victories.

Both players, by the whim of fate and with the aim of overthrowing the Juan Lebrón – Alejandro Galán duo, have joined forces this season. And things are not going badly for them. The two advanced students of Bela, who are in their twenties, are tyrannizing the World Padel Tour circuit, giving few options to any couple that tries to impose themselves on them. A resounding success that could not possibly be explained without a past with the veteran player.

Now, the third chosen one has been Mike Yanguas. A singular drive that at 21 years old is trying to sharpen his game to be among the best. A talented right-hander, who is in line with the most modern players of the current padel. Tall, with a great hand for any type of hitting that adds a viper to his game that is very sharp. In fact, along with the drop shot, Yanguas dominates this guy’s hitting like few others at his age. With four quarterfinals as a couple in five tournaments (in the Marbella Master they have reached this round again) and a semifinal, the goal is to end up winning a trip in a padel season that hardly gives respite.

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Both surely know that time is the biggest enemy they have. Bela because of her age, and Yanguas too. In the success of this couple will be the next doors that open to the young Spanish player. In a circuit where changes are increasingly prioritized without the certainty of giving time to projects, being by Fernando Belasteguín’s side is a plus. An impossible opportunity to refuse and that can launch a career to the top. But tell Coello and Tapia.

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