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Being a pure vegetarian, Ada Sharma had to eat a cat to make the scene scary!

Being a pure vegetarian, Ada Sharma had to eat a cat to make the scene scary!

Vikram Bhatt’s film ‘1920’ was released in 2008. Kerala Story actress Adah Sharma was seen in this film for the first time. The film had many moving scenes for horror film lovers. From the scary scene when she climbed a pillar to suddenly speaking in a loud voice, Ada Sharma frightened them as much as she won a place in people’s hearts with her beautiful deeds. The most epic scene of this film is the scene where Ada Sharma eats a cat.

Recently, in an interview with Mirchi Plus, Ada Sharma revealed how this scene was shot. Ada Sharma shared that the scene in the film looked so scary that it wasn’t that scary during the shoot.

While she is searching for Adah Sharma’s character in the film, who is possessed by a ghost, her husband suddenly realizes that she is killing and eating a cat in the house. This scene was so effective that no one would think that the real cat wasn’t real.

Ada Sharma said that the cotton in a stuffed animal like a cat was actually removed and noodles were put in it. To give it an original touch, it was filled with soy sauce and jam as well as ketchup and raisins. Ada Sharma said that it was very bad to eat all this together. But Vikram Bhatt told me to eat it as if it was delicious.

As Ada said, I had to eat this bad tasting fake cat as if it were very tasty. To make the scene scary, it had to be eaten not only as if it were delicious, but also as if an animal was eating it. Bad food doesn’t have a scary effect, so it had to be done. In addition, attention had to be paid to the right volume when eating so that the atmosphere would appear spooky.

According to reports, Ada Sharma has been a vegetarian since childhood. In such a situation, it must have been very difficult for him to take such a scene so seriously. But the look on his face when he did it was really quite frightening.

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