Beijing bus drivers will wear bracelets that monitor their emotions

Drivers of long-distance lines Beijing Public Transport Consortium They have received electronic bracelets with a sensor capable of monitoring their emotions to improve security, according to the entity, although the initiative has already been criticized for violating the privacy of employees and being a possible source of discrimination.

The agency distributed last Wednesday 1,800 bracelets for drivers of interprovincial lines, according to the newspaper ‘Baijing Daily’, although it is not known if the employees will have to wear the bracelets compulsorily.

The bracelets are capable of measuring a series of biometric parameters that would allow knowing the emotional state of the person and doing it in real time: body temperature, blood oxygen levels, breathing, blood pressure, exercise and sleep. They can also detect states of anxiety and other emotional situations.

"The distribution of bracelets is a technological means to strengthen the physical and mental health of drivers"the company explained in a message published on the Weibo social network.

The measure has been announced just a week before the congress that the Communist Party of China celebrates every five years and in the midst of continuous calls by the authorities to reduce the "social risk" during the appointment.

In the past week 27 people died in a bus accident in Guiyang city when they were being transferred to a quarantine center.

This type of device has generated controversy in recent months due to its use to monitor body temperature after travel as part of measures to stop coronavirus infections.

They are also being used electronic bracelets and data intelligence ‘big data’ to track those responsible for minor crimes to "reduce arrests"as recognized in July by a senior official of the Chinese Prosecutor’s Office.

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