The Kartarpur Corridor became a rallying point for the calf people. Two friends who were separated during the Partition of India met 74 years later on the Kartarpur Corridor.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s plan for the Kartapur Corridor had made it possible for Indian Sikhs to reach Gurdwara Sahib, a place of worship for the Sikh community.

At the time of Partition of India, many people were separated from their relatives and friends and could not be reunited, but there were some lucky ones who were reunited by fate. Bashir is included.

Muhammad Bashir moved to Narwal, Pakistan 74 years ago in 1947 while his friend Sardar Gopal Singh remained in India. Led to reunion.

When Gopal Singh arrived in Pakistan for worship, he met his old friend Muhammad Bashir.

A photo of the meeting between the two friends was shared by a man named Harjinder Singh on social media which went viral as soon as he saw it. Internet users have termed the photo as ‘heart touching’.

Sardar Gopal Singh thanked the Government of Pakistan for opening the Kartarpur Corridor.



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