Before a fatal crash in Tanzania, the pilots would have ignored warnings

The investigation into the crash of a Precision Air plane in Lake Victoria in Tanzania on November 6, 2022 is progressing. The country’s authorities said Thursday in their second preliminary report that investigations had shown that the pilots of the aircraft had ignored automatic alerts. These indicated that the plane carrying 43 people was in a dangerous position.

bad weather

Difficult weather conditions had initially been pointed out by the police to explain the accident, which had killed 19 people. After the plane crashed into the waters of the lake, rescuers but also residents and fishermen mobilized to try to save the surviving passengers. Experts later estimated that more people could have been saved with better relief organization.

Tanzania’s Ministry of Transport cited three cockpit warnings that went off before the crash to indicate the plane’s proximity to the ground and rapid loss of altitude. “The alert was not followed by corrective action on the part of the crew,” said the department of the ministry in charge of accident investigations. The authorities also explained that the pilots had put the plane in a nose-dive.

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