Because of this, people had accepted Sanjeev Kumar as a miser, when the truth came out, everyone was shocked.

People in the film industry call Sanjeev Kumar a miser: Sanjeev Kumar was one of the best actors in Hindi cinema. During his time, he worked on more than one movie. However, according to media reports, many people in the film industry used to call Sanjeev Kumar a miser. But the truth that was presented in front of people after his death was quite terrifying. According to media reports, actresses Anju Mahendru and Sanjeev Kumar were friends with each other. Not only this, Anju’s mother also used to link Rakhi with Sanjeev Kumar. After Sanjeev’s death, Anju had revealed many secrets related to Sanjeev Kumar in an interview. Sanjeev Kumar started his career with B-grade films and later joined the big stars of Bollywood. According to media reports, Sanjeev was one of the highest paid actors in the film industry.

According to media reports, Sanjeev Kumar used to wear very simple clothes and didn’t do much charity, that’s why people used to call him a miser. According to media reports, while talking about this, Anju had said in the interview that, ‘Whoever had to pay Sanjeev money, they used to open their heart.’ But those who did not have to give would not have given.

After his death, Sanjeev’s secretary, Jamnadas, read the actor’s diary and said that many of his actor friends and film producers and directors had borrowed Rs 94 36,000 from Sanjeev. However, no one returned that money later. The writer Hanif Zaveri wrote in his book that ‘Boney Kapoor was the only one who returned the money after the death of Sanjeev Kumar. Despite this, his family did not even know that Boney had taken money from him.

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