Because of this contestant, another fight took place between Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain in the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss 17 is getting more interesting with each passing day. The makers also bring a lot of twists and turns to the show. Recently, Bigg Boss gave a shock to the housemates and snatched Dil, Dimar and Dum’s rooms from them. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss played another game and gave Vicky Jain the opportunity in the last episode to nominate Ankita for the entire season instead of Neil to move to the Dil Ke Room. After this, Bigg Boss revealed Vicky’s secret to the housemates. After that there was a heated argument between Ankita and Vicky.

Let us tell you that in the therapy room, Vicky Jain was given the option to move to the Dil room in return for nominating Ankita Lokhande for the entire season and withdrawing Neil Bhatt’s nomination. Although Vicky did not accept this suggestion, she still requested the house to replace Ankita’s name with someone else’s name. After that, Bigg Boss asked him about his choice and Vicky took the name Anurag Doval.

While giving the reason for taking the name Anurag Doval, Vicky said that last week he regretted taking Anurag’s punishment and giving it to Neel. He said he realized his mistake and felt guilty. That’s why they want to withdraw Neil’s nomination and nominate Anurag Doval for the entire season in his place. Ankita questioned Vicky about it, after which a heated fight broke out between the two in front of the big camera.

Ankita Lokhande tried to understand Vicky and asked him if he had suggested Anurag’s name himself or if Bigg Boss had made the offer to him. The other contestants also liked this and teased Anurag for trusting Vicky Bhaiya. Angry over the allegations, Vicky became very angry with his wife Ankita over the matter and refused to speak to her.

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Vicky said, “What kind of interrogation is this? I don’t want to say anything. I can’t tell everything. I had feelings in my heart, so I said it. That’s it.” Then Ankita says: Are you also using me like a game? Ankita further says I will fight for you with everyone. Then Vicky says: Don’t fight for me, I didn’t say that. Afterwards, there is a lot of debate between the two.

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