Because of the success of ‘Pathan’, this actor considers Kapil Sharma as Panauti, he said such a thing about the show

Shah Rukh Khan has made a big comeback with his movie ‘Pathan’. The movie is earning a lot of money not only in India but also abroad. Talking about the box office take, it has so far exceeded seven hundred crores and once again, King Khan is raising the flag of royalty in Bollywood. There were many controversies about the film before its release, there was a fierce debate, but the public stamped the choice of him on the film. But the talks about the movie are still going on. Kamal Rashid Khan failed to walk in Bollywood, but movie reviews of him have a separate fan base. He reviews and posts most of the movies on social media. This time he has targeted Kapil Sharma regarding Pathan.

To understand what the whole thing is about, you need to see Kamal Rashid Khan’s tweet. In fact, KRK wrote in a tweet about this: ‘Shahrukh Khan did not promote the film ‘Pathan’ on Kapil Sharma’s show and the film was a huge success. Previously, ‘Kashmir Files’ was also not promoted on Kapil Sharma’s show and this movie was also a big hit. This is proof that Kapil Sharma’s show is a panauti for movies. I hope other people learn from this too and distance themselves from this Panauti show.

Now nothing is clear regarding KRK’s problem with Kapil Sharma. But KRK, needlessly targeting some celebrity every time, this time is seen harassing comedian Kapil Sharma. It has focused on Kapil’s show in the guise of the hit ‘Pathan’. Now, how Kapil Sharma reacts or ignores him, we have to wait.

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