Beauval Zoo: panda twins are in good health

Eleven days after the birth of the panda twins at Beauval Zoo, veterinarians confirm that the two cubs are in good health.

“There we come out of the really critical period that are the first days,” explains the park’s chief veterinarian, Baptiste Mulot. Their weight gain is also reassuring since, as the vet explained to their deliveries, “the bigger they are, the less fragile they are.”

When their mother Huan Huan came out of her womb, they each weighed 100 and 150 grams. Called Cotton Flower and Little Snow, they now weigh 310 and 296 grams respectively.

In AFP footage, we discovered the two female pandas, lying on their stomachs, taking a nap in the center of their incubator. The chief veterinarian indicates that the temperature of the incubators has dropped, which means that the baby pandas now “can maintain their temperature much better than before.”

In addition, throughout the days, the zoo’s medical team was able to observe the physical transformation of the two little ursids. “Throughout the week we could see the black spots evolving among others, we really have the black of the back, the ears, the eyes, which are appearing and very dark”, details Baptiste Mulot while pointing out the hairs that grow with the finger. . Therefore, the Beauval Zoo team believes that “they are doing well.”

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