Beaujolais Nouveau: why is it always celebrated on the same date?

The meeting place for lovers of fruity wine is approaching. Thursday, November 18, bars and bistros in France will celebrate the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau.

Each year, it is the third Thursday of November that the corkscrews are overactive. This festival has its roots in Saint Martin: it celebrated the end of the harvest and the tastings of the first wines of the year.

In France, the rules for marketing wine became tougher after World War II. But in 1951, the winegrowers of the Beaujolais region obtained an exemption to market the early wine or “Beaujolais Nouveau” from mid-November.

After having been fixed for November 15, Beaujolais day is stopped on the “third Thursday of the month of November” according to a decree published in 1985. Some evoke practical reasons: Beaujolais Nouveau could fall on a Sunday, which does not was not to everyone’s taste. The Thursday rule is still in force today in France but also abroad. Beaujolais Nouveau is very popular in Japan.

Some people talk about the success of a marketing operation. But this celebration is above all an opportunity to meet up with loved ones and have a good time.

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