Beaten down by the heat, a carriage horse collapses in New York

His story made the rounds on social media. Ryder is a 14-year-old carriage horse, used to ride tourists through the streets of New York (USA). But, this Wednesday, the animal collapsed on the asphalt.

He remained on the ground for more than an hour, “probably because of the heat”, indicates the association PETA on Twitter. “Horses have no place in big cities where they are constantly endangered by cars, humans, weather, etc. “, added the association.

Whipped by the driver

On the day in question, the thermometer reached up to 31°C in New York. According to several media, including NBC, the driver of the carriage repeatedly whipped the animal to make it get up, shouting to it: “Get up! Get up ! Get up ! Come on, get up”. Ryder was eventually untied and police arrived to assist him, including cooling him with a jet of water.

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“The NYPD [police de New York], takes the health and well-being of our four-legged friends in New York City seriously, and we are delighted that our equestrian officers were able to assist,” police said. A cushion was even placed under the animal’s head, which was then taken to a veterinarian.

A neurological disease detected

A spokesperson for the Transport Workers Union, the union that represents horse-drawn carriage drivers, said the veterinarian had diagnosed Ryder with equine protozoal myeloencephalitis. It is a neurological disease, caused by a parasite, which can be cured with medication. The animal’s heat and/or exhaustion were not mentioned.

The case of carriage horses is regularly debated, especially in New York. Former mayor Bill de Blasio had tried to ban the practice, to no avail.

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