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Beat and the World Cup

Beat and the World Cup

There is no stopping Spain. The National Team won again and in what way the friendly match they played against Vietnam. With 9 goals for and 0 against, La Roja closes its preparation for the World Cup. This team doesn’t care that it’s a training match and that caps don’t count, they are clear that the goal is to win and win again. And if it can be scored, all the better.

La Roja overwhelmed Vietnam, another of the World Cup, although ashen, in Auckland. There were 9 goals from the Spanish. In the first half the clash closed with a 2-0, works From Alba Redondo and Athenea del Castillo. It was in the second half when the team Jorge Vilda He had no mercy, with seven more goals. Jenni, Esther and Salma did doubles. The three Spanish forwards arrive plugged into the World Cup event.

Besides, Aitana Bonmatí joined the list of scorers. It was a party for The Redjust seven days after his World Cup debut against Costa Rica. Although this was called a “partidillo”, Spain scares. The coach was able to test the less common players and even then the team did not concede a goal. There was no room for forgetfulness in defense, Spain is a wall, and more so with Irene Paredes on the field. The countdown started on New Zealand. There are no tests left, the moment of truth has arrived.

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