The cadista team combs the market in search of a player with similar characteristics

Tomás Alarcón has already informed the Cadiz CF the strong interest of Betis in their services. The player has performed at a high level on the pitch, where he is being one of the key men in Cervera at this start of the season. That is why the club seeks a similar profile.

Or more than looking for, they have offered a footballer who has similar characteristics to those of Tomás Alarcón, who would welcome his arrival to the team. Especially because he is a compatriot and teammate of the Chilean team, where they have met on several occasions.

Cadiz Tomás Alarcón
Pablo Galdames could leave Genoa on loan

Cádiz turns to Chilean football again

That footballer is Pablo Galdames, one of the great promises of Chilean football. At the age of 24, last summer he made the leap to Europe to play in Serie A, specifically in Genoa. However, he is not having much luck, as he has hardly had a chance.

So far this season, he has only played 197 minutes spread over four games. A very low figure for a player who wants to continue progressing to become an important part of a great European club. That is why it has been offered by transfer to Cádiz CF, where they consider that it has an ideal environment to progress.

Tomas Alarcón with Betis signature offer

For his part, Tomás Alarcón has had much more luck at Cádiz CF, where he has played 12 games, almost all of them as a starter. His high level has attracted the attention of big clubs, who plan to jump into his signing once this season is over.

Teams like Real Betis are following in his footsteps, as they consider him the perfect substitute for Andrés Guarded. Likewise, having Pellegrini on the bench also attracts the player, as the Chilean coach would be a great support for him at the new club.


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