Bear rescued from circus released in Entre Ríos

Authorities in the city of La Rioja in Argentina announced that they had moved the rescued bear to a protected area in Entre Ríos. Said: “Stiffi Bear is enjoying her new home in Tekowe Mymba Nature Reserve. The animal worked in a circus for many years and has lived at Yastay Zoo for more than ten years“.

Sttifi was born in a circus where she served as an attraction for seven years until she was abandoned in a cage in a city in Cordoba when circuses with animals were banned. There she was transferred to the former Yatay Zoo in La Rioja, where she continued to be an object of entertainment and exploitation, living in another cage for another 13 years.

After much work, the zoo was closed and the new management, supported by political will, began working to remove every single animal from these cages. The day came for Stiffi, she began her journey toward dignity, to the sanctuary where 3 acres of human-controlled forest and a rescued bear companion, Kenai, awaited her.

After a 33-hour journey, the rescued bear was delivered on Sunday, December 3, with the support of animal activist Fernando Pieroni; the president of Mymba Juan Pacot; the reserve’s veterinarians, one of whom specializes in brown bears. In addition to the veterinarian of the former Yastay Zoo, Jorge Rodríguez, the Undersecretary of City Parks, Laura Agüero; the director of the Yastay Rescue Center, José Carrión, and the staff responsible for caring and feeding the bear.

The rescued bear enjoys a new life

Mayor Inés Brizuela y Doria accompanied the Yastay zoo group on the moving day and reported that with Stiffi and the litter of animals that now accompany her, there are a total of 64 animals that are enjoying a better life in Tekove Mymba.

Brizulea and Doria recalled the process of releasing the animals from the zoo, saying that the first batch was carried out in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, with the release of the two water buffalos, Gigante and Felipe; and Coco, a yacaré.

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The transfer took place over a period of four years of management of both exotic and native animals. He also pointed out that they worked with the Andean Condor Foundation to release the birds born in Yastay into their natural habitat.

For her part, the Undersecretary of City Parks, Laura Agüero, explained that the Stiffi transfer process began two months ago with adjustments to the environment and access to the cage to ensure that the transfer to its final location takes place without setbacks Andin the most natural way“.

About Tekove Mymba

Tekove Mymba is the first wildlife sanctuary in the Argentine Republic and the only multi-species wildlife sanctuary in Latin America. Its name means “ in the Guaraní language “Animal life“. It is a rescue center for the conversion of fauna from zoos, abuse and animal trafficking, whose sole aim is their welfare, with the intention of giving them a life as similar as possible to their life in the wild.

More than 300 animals live in Tekove Mymba, in large enclosures with savannas, lagoons, large trees, gallery jungles, sandbanks and reed areas.

This is now the new home of Stiffi the rescued bear.

The law that made it possible

The passage of Law 9925 in 2016 bans zoos and the use of animals in shows and circuses throughout the province of La Rioja. It was prepared by Inés Brizuela y Doria and protectionist groups. Thanks to this law, the closure of the former Yastay Zoo and the transfer of the animals to a better life was possible.

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