Beaches in Sicily and Sardinia fight against mass tourism

The local authorities wanted to put a stop to mass tourism on the two largest islands in Italy. Sicily and Sardinia have indeed decided to put in place conditions for access to certain beaches or to toughen the regulations that already exist, reports TF1 News. In question, some visitors do not hesitate to leave a lot of waste there or to steal sand. The large number of holidaymakers also has an impact on ecosystems.

The most frequented places are targeted

Thus, access to certain popular beaches will be supervised. This is particularly the case in Baunei, in the east of Sardinia. There, the rules have been tightened for the year 2023. The number of visitors has been regulated on the city beaches Cala dei Gabbiani, Cala Biriala and Cala Goloritze. The same is true of Cala Mariolu, the largest beach in the town, which will only welcome 700 visitors per day, against up to 2,000 previously.

To access the Cala Goloritze site on foot or by boat, you will now have to pay an entrance fee of 6 euros. Attention, to be able to go to certain beaches, it will also be compulsory to reserve your place at least 72 hours in advance via an application.

Mats but no towels

The municipality of Stintino, in Sardinia, has restricted access to the pink coral beach of La Pelosa. 1,500 tourists are allowed there every day, compared to a maximum of 38,000 in 2022. An entrance fee of 3.50 euros will also be requested. Smoking, dogs and sand thieves are prohibited, as are beach towels. Only carpets and mats may be used so as not to trap sand in the equipment.

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Same observation in Sicily. Access to the beach of Isola dei Conigli, considered one of the most beautiful in the world, will be further reduced. Only 350 people will be able to get there in the morning and 350 in the afternoon, after booking on the Internet. There, no lounge chairs or floating water mattresses. Noise should be reduced. The Sicilian island of Linosa has also introduced restrictions limiting the number of people or charging for certain accesses.

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