Bea González and Delfina Brea make the leap to a Premier final

Delfina Brea and Bea González form the third couple in contention in the ranking, who had been down for a few weeks after the great victory in the Valladolid Master. But they are specialists in breaking pools, although in Madrid on Saturday what they do is ratify the numbers with which they reached the semifinal against Gemma Triay and Marta Ortega, the winners in Rome.

“I didn’t feel good in the game,” said Bea, who nevertheless showed that she is an indomitable hitter, who sold herself on a few shots, but between credits and debits she comes out with benefits. And since Delfi Brea also played one of those super matches that she usually does when she faces a level player in crossoverthe couple worked, both due to the few unforced errors and the total superiority in shots, loading the game on Marta, cSo making Gemma’s fridge to keep her frozen. This is how the double 6-2 is explained.

Bea and Delfina play their first Premier final this Sunday (5:00 p.m.), against Ari Sánchez and Paula Josemaría. They have met several times throughout the year, and although the number ones have a better overall balance, they know what it is to win. It is noteworthy that two different styles are confronted from which the first winners will emerge in Madrid.

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