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Be careful, these models of FFP2 masks do not protect you well

Be careful if you have recently purchased FFP2 masks that have an elastic behind the ears, as well as a vertical fold, designated as KN 95, a model that has just arrived on the market. According to the National Institute for Research and Safety (INRS), which regularly tests the effectiveness of masks, it is extremely difficult to adjust these masks, regardless of your face shape. Of the seven models offering the KN 95 shape studied, less than 1% of the adjustments were successful, explain the experts in a press release published on Tuesday May 17.

The institute regularly tests FFP2 masks, which help fight infections and protect employees from exposure to certain dusts. Being reputed to be more protective than the surgical mask, because it protects its wearer in particular from aerosols, the FFP2 is not so easy to put on correctly. The INRS rightly points out that for the person to be protected, the filtering material is not the only criterion. The adjustment to the face is essential. The FFP2 must be “properly adjusted on the face of its wearer, in order to avoid leaks between the mask and the face”. The institute also recommends trying several models among the pleated, shell and duckbill FFP2s, because depending on the shape of your face, the adjustment will be more or less easy.

But, for these KN 95 models which have attachments at the level of each ear, the INRS is categorical. Although FFP2 certified, they are very difficult to adjust to the face and therefore do not guarantee adequate protection for users, the press release points out. The British prevention body, the Health and Safety Executive, issued a notice similar in April 2022.


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