BCCI has set a big condition for the players: if you want a place on the World Cup team, you have to do this work

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One-day world championship 2023

Cricket fans around the world are currently awaiting the ODI World Cup, which begins in October. India hosts this tournament which takes place every four years. Team India has not yet been announced for the World Cup. While teams of many countries have been announced, Indian fans are still waiting for their team. The team for the World Cup can be announced at any time. But before that, BCCI gave the players a condition.

A test must be conducted prior to team selection

The 18 players battling for a place in India’s World Cup squad will be subjected to fitness and medical tests at Alur as the BCCI leaves no stone unturned before the tournament. Although most of these tests are routine in nature and performed from time to time by the NCA or BCCI medical team, they take on greater importance ahead of the World Cup in October and November.

Most players have to take a test

A BCCI source familiar with the matter said on condition of anonymity that most players, with the exception of players who have recently played series in Ireland (Jasprit Bumrah, Pramukh Krishna, Sanju Samson), are regularly fit. The test is carried out with a mandatory blood test. Parameters that will be checked include lipid profile, blood sugar, uric acid, calcium, vitamins B12 and D, creatinine and testosterone. Sometimes there are also Dexa tests. This is a type of bone density scan.

Such tests take place again and again

A source who has worked at the NCA said this is nothing new, these tests are conducted when players take a break mid-series. They also have personalized diet tables and training modules tailored to the needs of their bodies. He said there is no better way to rest and recover than a sound sleep of 8 to 9 hours. He said it’s a known fact that getting 8 to 9 hours of sound sleep reduces your risk of injury.

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