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BC Game announces the launch of its new website with enhanced features

BC Game announces the launch of its new website with enhanced features

The Crypto Casino of the Year, BC.GAME offers a new experience for its users by releasing a new website.

BC.GAME has relaunched and designed its website with more and better features for players. This initiative is just one of many BC.GAME initiatives and guarantees that all its players receive the best possible service.

The updates of the BC.GAME website

Players can choose from several interface languages ​​on BC.GAME’s new website, which will translate the descriptions for better understanding. Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean and Spanish are among the new languages ​​made available on the website.

In addition, the new website will have a new user interface (UI) layout that looks sleeker and sleeker than the current one.

In addition, BC.GAME has recently forged strong partnerships with AFA and Cloud9, two of the most well-known figures in eSports and football. These are posted on a dedicated sponsor page so that the community can keep up to date with the most recent activities involving the casino’s partners.

Better features for a better experience

Players will enjoy an improved experience on the new website, thanks to the better features that have been added. The gamers can now access useful content thanks to the new design, including game recommendations specific to each user, information about the game developers and game descriptions.

In addition, game interactions are now also accessible. Players can rate, like, comment on, share and provide feedback directly on the website.

Additional security features have been added, including an updated KYC feedback feature and a new official staff verification page.

Chris, the Chief Operating Officer at BC.GAME told us about the new website: “The iGaming industry is moving fast. Keeping track is no mean feat. As industry pioneers, we pride ourselves on doing more than just staying ahead. Our goal is to create the curve. The only way to achieve this is by keeping the channels of communication open with our community. On behalf of the BC.GAME team, I would like to thank our loyal community for all the feedback and suggestions they have provided by presenting this latest upgrade.”

What is BC.GAME?

BC.GAME is a community-based crypto casino that is revolutionizing the casino industry and blockchain space, and is one of the first casinos to support Lightning Network. The platform was launched in 2017 and has been providing players with the best online casino experience ever since.

Thanks to the recent addition of sports betting, users now also have access to over 8,000 games, including sports, slots, live table games and even the well-known Bitcoin (BTC) crash game.

BC.GAME is the Crypto Casino of the year 2022, thanks to its numerous prestigious awards from the industry. The platform now accepts fiat payments in addition to many popular cryptocurrencies.


More information is available on the official BC.GAME website.

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