BC-era restaurant and refrigerator discovered in Iraq

In Iraq, a restaurant and a refrigerator have been discovered in Iraq.

According to foreign media, Iraqi archaeologists found this thousands-year-old historical restaurant and refrigerator during the excavation of the city of Lajish. which is one of the cities of the old Sumerian Empire in the Mesopotamia region.

The discovered restaurant consists of several sections. A part of it was reserved for open air dining. For which a room was reserved and chairs were placed there and traces of an oven were also found where the old leftover food was kept.

According to the report, the oven-like discovery was actually a refrigerator of the ancient era and had the characteristic of absorbing moisture to keep food cool.

Dozens of conical vessels were also found here, most of which contained leftover fish. It shows that during this period there was a regular space for eating in the open air.

This place is spread over a huge area of ​​more than 600 hectares. It is one of the major historical sites south of Ma’bin al-Nahreen and was inhabited from 5,000 BC, which continued until 2,000 BC.

It is being told that the place in Iraq which is known as ‘Talul Al-Aba’ these days and which is considered to be the oldest historical place in the Middle East, used to have the old name of Lagash.

Archaeologists from Iraq, the United States and the United Kingdom had jointly planned to excavate this historic site during 2019 and the new discovery is a link in that chain.

It should be remembered that the Archeology Museum under the University of Pennsylvania in the United States, the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and the State Council of Archeology in Baghdad are working on the discovery of historical sites with the help of modern technology.

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