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BBC Presenter Accused Of Paying For Explicit Photos To Minor; his wife denounces him

Huw Edwards is the presenter accused of buying explicit photos of a minor.  (Reuters)

The well-known news presenter for the British BBC, Huw Edwards, who announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II, was identified this Wednesday by his wife as the journalist who is accused of having paid for pornographic photos to a person who is a minor.

“I am going to make this statement on behalf of my husband Huw Edwards, after five extremely difficult days for our family,” wrote the journalist’s wife, Vicky Flind, in a statement broadcast to the British agency PA. She reported that her husband suffers from “serious mental health problems” and that “he is undergoing treatment in a hospital. Once he recovers, he intends to respond to the articles that were published,” she said.

Flind who said the anchor learned of the allegations on Thursday. The BBC has been at the center of a media hurricane since the tabloid The Sun published on FridayIt is that a presenter of the chain paid for pornographic photos of the minor. The police reported this Wednesday in relation to the case that no criminal offense was committed.

ANDThe scandal has caused a stir in the United Kingdom for five days, but until now the journalist who was the subject of the accusations had not been identified, although the name of Edwards, 61, circulated on social networks. According to the tabloid The Sun, a well-known presenter of the chain paid over three years more than 35,000 pounds sterling (about 45,000 dollars / 767,000 Mexican pesos) to a person who was then a minor in exchange for “sordid photos”.

The minor, who is not known if he is a man or a woman, he would have later used that money to finance his addiction to crack, according to the mother, who has also not been identified. Since then, other accusations have surfaced. The BBC revealed that the presenter in question sent threats from his mobile phone to a young person who she met on a dating site, after she suggested that she was going to reveal her identity.

The Sun also claimed that the presenter contacted another 17-year-old personwhom I did not know, on Instagram in 2018. This scandal occurs after in recent years, the BBC was hit by several scandals, including the Jimmy Savile casewhich broke out in 2012 a year after the death of this well-known presenter who for decades raped and assaulted minors.


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