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BBC ordered to investigate one of its star presenters

Scandal in Britain. One of the BBC’s star presenters is accused by a woman of having given, in exchange for pornographic photos, several tens of thousands of pounds to his 17-year-old child – it has not been specified whether this is of a girl or a boy. THE testimony of this mother was published in the tabloid The Sun Friday and this Sunday, the British government ordered the BBC to investigate. The name of the presenter in question has not been revealed.

These allegations, which have made headlines across the Channel in recent days, “must be investigated urgently and sensitively”, insists in a press release the Ministry of Culture in charge of the media.

BBC says ‘treat all accusations very seriously’

Minister Lucy Fraser, who spoke to BBC Director General Tim Davie, tweeted that the latter had “assured her that the BBC was investigating quickly and sensitively. »

“Given the nature of the charges, it is important to give the BBC time to investigate, establish the facts and take appropriate action,” she added.

The BBC said on Friday “treat all accusations very seriously” and have “a procedure in place to deal with them proactively”. However, she did not confirm that the presenter in question, who is no longer on the air, has been formally suspended.

Since the publication of the article Sunseveral BBC personalities, including Gary Lineker, Rylan Clark and Jeremy Vine, have spoken publicly in the face of rumors targeting them. They deny being involved in this case.

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