Home Sports Bayern’s key offer to sign Harry Kane

Bayern’s key offer to sign Harry Kane

Bayern's key offer to sign Harry Kane

The situation around the future of Harry Kane has generated great expectations in the world of football, and this week could mark a crucial point in his destiny, since Bayern Munich has positioned itself as the great favorite to win the services of the English striker.

According to information from the journalist Rudy Galettithe Bavarian team would be preparing a new offer of 90 million pounds to finalize the transfer of the attacker from Tottenham Hotspur, something that would go hand in hand with the pressure from Harry Kane for the transfer to take place, this being an important factor in the negotiation between the two clubs, giving the British player an important leap in quality that he deserved for a long time after becoming a Tottenham legend after achieving 280 goals in all this time and 64 assists in 435 games.

One of the transfers of the summer

After weeks and weeks of soap opera, the subject of Harry Kane is getting closer and closer to the outcome, and the next week will be crucial to find out if the Bayern Munich manages to close the signing of the English forward giving one of the big bombs of the next transfer market, finally finding the replacement that they were looking for so much after the departure of Robert Lewandowski to the Barcelona.

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