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Bayern will give everything for Palhinha

Bayern will give everything for Palhinha

The closure of the summer market left a bittersweet taste in the mouth of many Bayern Munich fans. The news of the ‘non-signing’ of Joao Palhinha, Fulham’s talented Portuguese midfielder, was one of the most shocking surprises. The player could even be seen wearing a Bayern jersey in official photos, but the transfer never took place.

Bayern’s offer, which amounted to 70 million euros, was never accepted by Fulham, forcing Palhinha to return to London on the same day he wanted to join the Bavarian club. This unexpected turn of events left everyone perplexed, including coach Thomas Tuchel, who regretted the situation. Marco Silva, Fulham’s coach, also expressed understanding for the difficult decision he and his player faced.

Last rush at the winter market

However, as MARCA newspaper points out, it seems that this story could open a new chapter in the winter market. Pedro Almeida, a Portuguese journalist specializing in transfers, explained: “Palhinha will be a Bayern player in January.” These statements were supported with certain nuances by “Bild” editor Tobi Altschäffl, who pointed out that there was still no agreement with Fulham, but it all depends on the scope of the transfer.

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